Services Igor Provides

Igor believes in the importance of building personal relationships with those who work alongside us as partners and customers. Our goal is to directly provide value to our partners and empower them to create value for their customers by leveraging Nexos, our unique PoE platform. Our PoE software allows you to harness the best of all worlds - cost efficiency, green sustainability and custom adaptability to bring significant benefits to the user in improved building system controls and cost savings.

Igor provide services in the following areas:

  • Financing - Learn about Lighting as a Service and how it can create opportunities for companies to install PoE technology without the upfront costs
  • Licensing - License and install Nexos to transform your building into an agile IoT-enabled smart building with an expert Igor team or certified partner to lead you through every phase with ongoing updates and support
  • System Performance Monitoring - Our technology is designed to create ongoing opportunities and make customizing your technology easy 
  • Technical Support - We're here for our customers during all phases of our projects: before, during, and especially after

In addition, we can provide the connections you need to begin the process of developing a PoE installation or retrofit. We can provide an ROI analysis, connect you with the closest PoE lighting distributors or contractors in your area, demo the technology, and help you build a case for PoE at your company. Contact us to get started.