Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade to state-of-the-art LED technology without any upfront costs. This makes paying for intelligent lighting as simple and rewarding as the lighting itself.  How it works is that Igor takes on the initial costs of installation and then captures a percentage of the energy savings as a subscription revenue service. This subscription model helps companies afford the AC to LED transition without needing to justify the capital expenditures. Instead, installation and services are paid for immediately from energy cost savings.

What this means is that buildings get new, incredibly efficient and smart lighting technology without paying for upfront costs, while also lowering your monthly energy bill. Of the costs saved due to the increased efficiency, Igor recoups a percentage to cover their upfront investment. After five years, 100 percent of the cost savings return to the company. 

By providing LaaS, Igor shows its commitment and confidence in its technology and software as a way to significantly improve energy savings. It shifts the risk of the outcomes from the customer to the company (Igor) providing the PoE system. Many other industries have adopted subscription models for their own revenue stabilization, but few provide capital outlays up front and a maximum subscription timeline to the customer. We do this at Igor because we believe in win-win situations and that the client comes first. 

Igor's LaaS Saves You Money

No upfront costs - Igor makes the initial investment. You only pay as the savings occur on a monthly basis.

Igor's Lighting as a Service (LaaS) Saves You Time

No managing complex lighting projects and herding electricians. Plus, you can forget any maintenance headaches.

Igor's LaaS Program

Igor makes all upfront investment and maintains the LED lighting for up to 10 years,* immediately saving you 75 -80 percent of your existing lighting costs. Igor manages the entire project and shares the new energy savings for the first five years. After that, you enjoy 100 percent of all the savings.

The Igor Process

  1. We meet with you and determine your needs
  2. We determine if there are sufficient savings to warrant an investment
  3. We present you with an investment proposal
  4. You make a decision on whether to choose Igor's technology
  5. You agree to a project plan and schedule
  6. Igor initiates the electrical installation and project commissioning
  7. You start saving money immediately

Igor Requirements from You

  1. Copies of energy bills
  2. Accurate information on your operating hours and existing light fittings

Igor does everything (so you don't have to):

  • Negotiate with your bank
  • Convince your board to allocate funding
  • Shop around for LED lights
  • Project manage a team of electricians to handle the installation of the PoE technology

The Igor Difference

Igor assumes the risk so you don't have to. If the energy savings don't occur, you don't pay. Furthermore, Igor saves you the credit application process because the energy savings create the cash flows to make the payments. And with a typical five-year timeline to the payments, where else will you get the benefits of a risk-free energy savings project? Reach out to us today to discuss initial assessments to see if your company would be a good fit for Igor technology.