Igor’s System Performance Monitoring Program

One strength of Igor's PoE technology is the ability for it to be flexible, always on, and constantly improving. Unlike typical lighting installations where they are fixed and binary (on or off), Igor's system can be highly customized. Igor's system performance monitoring program houses these customizable actions in the Igor technology. This allows Igor’s platform to be capable of a very high degree of performance monitoring. In order for the system performance monitoring program to work, it must easily allow users to see all the connected devices and perform actions on each of them. As Igor lighting nodes are connected, the Igor Gateway automatically discovers the nodes and integrates them as virtual devices, and the user takes it from there to assign it to a space and give it commands. Users can set an almost unlimited combination of parameters on individual spaces and groups of spaces, based on room type and/or the whole building. Examples of parameters include:

  • Mode: Occupancy or Vacancy
  • Minimum Light Level
  • Maximum Light Level
  • Occupancy Timeout

Users can create Action Sets to execute a sequence of actions across different spaces. "Spaces," as defined by Igor, are a variety of connected devices assigned to an overall group. Each device could be assigned a variety of space designations, or they can be discreet. For example, one lighting device by a door could be designated as an Emergency Exit device, but also be a part of the "Office Floor 2W" space. Schedules can be set to run on single or multiple days of the week, all the way down to the minute and also assigned hierarchies based on what space takes precedent when one device has multiple assignments. 

Our clients find the system monitoring component of Igor technology to be one of the strengths of the technology. The system performance monitoring is constantly on in the background, providing real-time help to its users beyond the initial install. By having a system that can immediately  identify new devices, monitor the status of every connected device, make suggestions on space assignments, and give maintenance warnings, the Igor system has developed a reputation of "it just works."