Ongoing Technical Support

With an annual service contract, Igor will provide customers with a commitment to Support Services regarding the License and Manufacturing Agreement between Igor and the Licensee. We have confidence in our product, but we know that our customers may have questions, unique circumstances, performance improvement ideas, and that sometimes even the best technology may need attention. To be a partner to our customers, we provide maintenance and support services such as:

  • Research and resolution of any defects or bugs that affect the functionality of Igor’s technology.
  • Testing and validation of the platform.
  • Certification of Licensee’s Product(s).
  • Providing technical assistance with integrating third party software or applications.
  • Answering questions and providing training relating to Igor’s technology.
  • Opportunities to attend Igor University to learn about installing or selling Igor products.

Because this is a technology that requires software to integrate with hardware, Igor believes that its customers should receive top-of-the-line support for their PoE system throughout all stages of the project - before, during, and after. It's important to our company to ensure that customers feel confident in their decision to go with Igor PoE technology and that they know they can count on consistent performance support and improvements during their entire relationship with our company. It is an important part of our company to value all stakeholders and one way we demonstrate that is through a serious commitment to ongoing, high-quality technical support.


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